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        High chromium-nickel furnace roll is made by centrifugal casting process, intended for use under elevating temperature. We can supply our customers with more reliable and flexible solutions based on specific requirement of operation environment.Material for centrifugal barrels: 24/24NbTz, G18/8NiCr, 28Cr/48Ni/5W, 25Cr/20Ni, 24/24NiCrNb(1.4855), 25Cr/35Ni(1.4852), 38Ni/18Cr(1.4865), 2.4633, 2.4879 or at customers request.


      Scope of supply:


  Diameter: < 400mm

  Wall thick: < 30 mm

  Length of roll body < 5000mm

  Weight: < 2000 kg 

Specific furnace rolls can be made according to customer's requirements and drawings.

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